Sherwood Park Driving School teaching Class 5 Driver Education Programs in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.


How to book your Driving Lessons

Park Driving School has an online driving lesson booking system. You will receive a link to set up your account and book your own driving lessons based on your availability. If you wish to start sooner then please call our office at 780 570 5373 and we will assist you to book your driving lessons.

This is what will happen with any of our courses:

Receive an evaluation form with feedback after each driving lesson

One-on-one instruction from certified instructors

We’ll work around your schedule with home, work, or school pick-up and drop-off

Our instructors are available for lessons in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends

Learn to drive in an automatic transmission vehicle

In Vehicle lessons in 2 hour sessions

Call the office if you have any special requests or concerns

Final Grades & In-Vehicle Driving Lessons

New drivers must complete all in-vehicle lessons with a final grade of at least 75% to pass the in-vehicle component.

Park Driving School’s Driver Education Course is competency based. While many student drivers are reasonably proficient after 10 hours of formal training, others may require 15,20 or more hours driver training depending on age, aptitude, motivation and previous experience.

An additional 40-50 hours of supervised practice during and after the in-car lessons is strongly recommended for all student drivers.

Ongoing supervision is recommended for all newly licenced drivers.